Visibly vegan



Whilst those who have been living a vegan lifestyle for years may find it easy, the reality for many is that shopping with confidence and without a huge amount of time consuming research can be a barrier for fully embracing veganism.

And what about those who want to buy gifts for vegan friends and family? It’s so easy to get it wrong as there are plenty of products that you just would not consider to be an issue but that do have a hidden nasty in them.

So we decided to create a brand that shouted its credentials from the moment you locked eyes on it. Visibly Vegan.


And we got to work, collaborating with awesome manufacturers of cruelty free household products, skincare products, cosmetics and clothing so that we could make them available to you, labelled loud and clear.


But we couldn’t stop there.


There is no point having a vegan product that is presented to you in non-vegan packaging - think glue and ink! – so we sourced cruelty free packaging too.

In addition to this, we were also determined that our packaging would also be completely free from plastic.

And finally, we had all products registered with The Vegan Society, so you can shop with absolute certainty that our vegan claims have been verified.

So here we are. Visibly Vegan. For everyone.